The Project

As an administrator or server owner, if you need a custom bot to meet your specific requirements, our team is here to assist you.

We specialize in the creation of personalized bots, offering complete flexibility in choosing the features you wish to include.

We also offer hosting for your Discord bots or any other system.
With our intuitive panel and its numerous features, you can easily manage your bot or system optimally.

Lastly, we provide you with our private image hosting service, allowing you to upload your photos, videos, and files securely.

Our Services

Custom Bot

Your specifications

Creation of your dream bot

1 month of free hosting

Responsive and available support



Access to a management panel

Ability to manage permissions

Performance options to choose from

Responsive and available support


Image Hosting

Upload your photos

Access to a management panel

Easy access to your images through a link


Our projects


Tomabot is a powerful bot that will help you grow your community.
With its advanced systems, you'll be able to deal with any situation.
• Auto-role
• Welcome / Leaving messages
• Giveaway
• Private rooms
• Tickets
• Backup
• Logs
• Music
• Auto-suggestion
• Polls
• Starboard
• Language system
• And more

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AstroGames' 🎮

🎮 Challenge your friends with games
• Uno
• Bingo
• Tic-Tac-Toe
• Hangman
• Rock Paper Scissors
• 2048
• Minesweeper
• Connect Four
• Motus
• Avatar
• Snake
• Language system
• And more

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Magic Bot

Enhance your Harry Potter community and RP servers
• Character creation
• Economy system
• House system
• Creation of the Harry Potter universe (channels)
• Store
• Create your magical wand
• Examination system
• Combat system with spells
• Language system
• And more

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The Madness

Gmod Community Management
• Steam verification
• Gmod server connected API
• Blacklist
• Remote management of auxiliary servers
• Permission management
• Giveaway
• Private rooms
• Auto suggestion
• And more


This bot allows you to create forms for your Discord server

• Configuration for complete customization
• Available via slash commands
• Language system

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